Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Lurve Days Off!

Slept in.

Had a great visit with my friend, Jen and baby G.

Went directly to Original Joe's for lunch and visit with April. Lived vicariously through her as I perused her two scrapbooks from her trip to the UK this summer. *sigh* Must get S. on a plane!!

Headed downtown to pick up thank you's for the Underwear Affair (yes, I KNOW they're 6 months late), some photos for Christmas prezzies and our Christmas card for those who don't appreciate a hand made card.

Stopped at Safeway for dinner and lunch fixings.

Started laundry.

Headed out for my run. It was one of those ones that sucked the whole time. I didn't do what was scheduled: my knee, hip, and shins were protesting from yesterday's walk in the boots. I ran when I could and walked the rest. I was 10 minutes short of what was scheduled, but at least I got out. Came back in and did some weights: squats, lateral raises, shoulder and chest presses, abs, bicep curls, and rows.

Dinner was pub fare at home:

El Molino Fibre Select chips
generous 1/2c of refried beans heated with some salsa
1/4 c finely shredded tex-mex cheese
extra salsa on the side

I was going to have a cider too, but apparently my sun room is colder than I thought. It was frozen solid! I guess an after dinner drink will be in order instead.

Christmas cards and thank you's are on the agenda for tonight. In between laundry loads, of course. =P


Dairy Free Betty said...

I used to go to Original Joes all the time when I lived in Calgary!! :) I use to live right close to the 4th street one!!

Dairy Free Betty said...

I lived on 4th and 22nd Ave!! :) I have been gone for 3 years and lived there for 2. I wasn't a huge fan, I'm totally a small town girl! :)

We were neighbors for sure!!