Monday, December 21, 2009

Day of Rest

And man, do I ever need it!

I got up this morning and finished the last of my cards and wrapped Mom's stocking up. I hit the post office just after 9 and $40 in postage later...

I'm finishing up some laundry that I started yesterday, but it's snowing outside and I have to go out there to get to the boiler room (where the washer/dryer are...ONLY downside of my fabulous house). I obviously learned lots at Excuses Be Gone!

I've been catching up on Coronation Street and have a big pot of pasta sauce (onion, red, yellow & orange pepper, 'shrooms, zuke, garlic, 28 oz tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste along with some basil, oregano, 2 TB brown sugar and Arrabbiata spice from Epicure, plus some vino) simmering away to make a veggie lasagna later. Oh yeah, there's some TVP (textured vegetable protein) in there too.

A nap is in order pretty soon, je pense and then I might break out my knitting.

For anyone in Calgary that reads this, go see The Christmas Carol Project!! It's in it's 14th year, but first time in Calgary. It's a musical interpretation of the classic. Seriously, it was like being at Folk Fest in the dead of winter! All of us (me and S, and the rest of my Folk Fest family) LOVED it!! And take something for the Food Bank--there are too many people in this city that use it and shouldn't have to in a province this rich.

Happy Monday!


Shirls said...

wish I could work the christmas carol into the plans, sounds amazing! I wish I was napping right now, like you wouldn't freaking believe!

Patsy said...

Ewww... Coronation Street?!? ;o)