Saturday, March 28, 2009


OK, last night Environment Canada's website forecast for Calgary was +4C and SUNNY. I woke up to SNOW. I am not amused, Mother Nature. Not one bit. I want spring, damn it!
Arrrrgh. But C. and I did go out for a 4.3K run around the park and I got to try out my new Garmin 305. I heart the 305.

Hit the farmer's market for veggies (red, yellow and orange peppers; zuke; kale; 'shrooms; eggplant; cherry and sundried tomatoes for pasta sauce (with sweet Italian bison sausage), cheese (medium gouda and creamy havarti) and sausage (bison bratwurst).

Alas, laundry is just finishing and I need to have a shower and make dinner reservations at the little Lebanese place down the street. Have a great weekend!


Amber said...

The weather network has been calling for snow in Kamloops for the last 4 days, so every morning I wake up filled with dread when I look out my window and every morning it's been beautiful out!

Then, this morning they were calling for sunshine and I was SO looking forward to it because I did a 10 mile run this morning and when I woke up it was SNOWING.

I've decided to quit trusting the weather network!

Have a good weekend :-)

Fatinah said...

my husband is still complaining about having to shovel the driveway YET AGAIN!! Wasn't it just last Sunday when we had our last snow??