Sunday, March 1, 2009

NeoCitran is a miracle drug!

I woke up this morning feeling relatively refreshed and somewhat normal. I still think I should buy shares in Puffs facial tissues, but I think I may be on the mend. Was it the NeoCitran and OJ or the 20+ hours of sleep? Either way, I'm grateful.

I'm waiting for Mom to get ready then we're heading the farmer's market. I don't really need much, but it's always fun to wander around with a coffee in hand.

The scale this morning was showing much nicer numbers, even after a glorious dinner out (fondue at Laurier Lounge....mmmm). I got the best birthday present (early, I know) too: a MAGIC WAND! I've been wanting one ever since this summer when I found them at the farmer's market.

Got the invites for my family reunion made yesterday and today's goal is to get started on the database with all the names and addresses. I've been handed this task by my favourite cousin, Clara, who also happens to be 90. I feel a wee bit of pressure since this has been her domain since her mom and aunties died. Basically, I think for once, she just wants to be able to show up and enjoy herself without having to worry about nametags, food or who's taking the photos.

Have a glorious Sunday!