Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Le sigh and le happy dance, all at the same time

Le Sigh

It's freaking cold out there. I like winter. I really do. But I'm tired of -20 and then wind chill on top of that. It's MARCH for five cents. Enough already!

Le Happy Dancing

1. My very dear friends, K. & B., are adopting two wonderful little boys!! It's official on Sunday. Yaaaay! I can't think of two people who will be better parents than these two. I am SO excited for them and can't wait to meet them when I head to Fun-couver at the end of April.

2. Had another lovely evening with a great guy and we're going to do it again soon. Cautiously optimistic has become my new mantra! I mean really, this guy loves Indian food as much as me (we had a great dinner) and dislikes coffee as much as me. So we went to the tea shop down the street from the restaurant. AND he came and picked me up 'cause it's so FREAKING cold! (That meant I got to wear girly shoes--very important on a date!)

3. I got to have a nap after work this afternoon. Need I say more?

4. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow to hide the sparkly bits. Again, need I say more?

H =)


Amy said...

I'm sure it's super coincidental, but I have B&K friends who are adopting two boys this week too. I think their date is Friday though. So cool. They live near me too... not in Canada. ;-D Good luck on the beau!

Amber said...

I am so unbelievably mad about this weather it's not even funny. I HATE the cold and you're right, it's freaking March! Quit teasing us winter.

Sounds like you've got some fabulous things going on in your life right now! Yay for a great date!