Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last day off....sigh

I have to go back to work tomorrow. While I've enjoyed my days off, being sick for more than half of them makes it seem like I didn't really get days off! So today is going to be pretty laid back while I savour each and every moment of my day off.

Besides, winter has returned and I don't wanna go out there! -25C windchills should not be allowed in March.

Got an email from Sears. Apparently the microwave stand that I ordered that was then on back order until June 2 has now arrived in Calgary. Hmmmm...on Monday Sears in Regina called and said it was in the warehouse in Calgary, did I still want it? Yep, send it I say. Then on Wednesday Mom and I were sitting around and she says, call and see if it's in yet. So I call and was told that it was STILL on back order and there's nothing that indicates it's being shipped sooner. Lesson learned: the right hand NEVER knows what the left hand is doing. Oy. How do these people manage to stay in business when they operate this way??

My tummy's growling, so I'd better see what I can find to feed it. Have a great day!
H =)


Amber said...

I'm so frustrated with Canadian winters right now it's unbelievable. How can it be beautiful one day and freezing the next!!! GRRRR!

PS: Enjoy your last day off :-)