Tuesday, March 31, 2009

le sigh

So, my fabulous landlords are currently enjoying a month in the south Pacific. That in itself is almost enough to hate them.

But wait, there's more. Our postie has suspended mail delivery (going on for about two weeks now) because the sidewalk in front of our building is a lovely mixture of snow, ice and slush. So the dude who lives below me left a note in the vestibule last Wednesday informing us of the mail suspension. I email his landlord (the other owner of building) to have him deal with problem (because why would he contact an owner and have them deal with the problem? Am I the only person who holds people accountable for their responsibilities?). He emails back that he will tend to it right away. On Friday night, I came home and first walked through a slush puddle to my ankle and then nearly slipped on the ice underneath. Another email sent (b/c what if he hired someone and thought they'd done the job, right?). He responds on SUNDAY that he thought it would've melted by now and that he'd get a number of a contractor and deal with it.

OK, I think. We're finally getting somewhere. Then the dudes show up to shovel the four inches of snow we got on Sunday morning. I go out and specifically ask them to clean it down to the concrete (as per the city by-law) because our mail wouldn't be delivered until it was. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, they leave and needless to say, they did not do as I had asked. So now I PHONE other owner and leave message asking him to call. Nada. Yesterday I came home to same icy sidewalk. I send yet another email asking what he's going to do about situation. No response. Arrgh.

Phone rings this morning and it's him. He was here on Sunday and he thought the walks looked great. But did you walk down the avenue? See, we live on a corner lot. They're really good about cleaning the west facing street but the north facing avenue is the problem. Dude, I say, the bylaw says that the walk needs to be cleaned to the concrete. I don't have a car to drive around to find my mail that's supposed to be delivered to my door. This has already been going on long enough! So he says he's going to deal with it today. I'm not holding my breath.

And what he doesn't know is that I called bylaw myself this morning to report the walk. And I called Canada Post to find out what's going on and to find out why they didn't call bylaw. More waiting.

The point of this ranting post, you ask?

Why can't people do their jobs? Seriously, my landlords pay two men to clean our sidewalks. One would think that they are aware of the bylaw that says you actually have to get the snow and ice OFF of the sidewalk. One would also think that if someone comes out and specifically asks you to clean the walk and you say that you will, that I don't know, YOU WOULD DO WHAT YOU ARE PAID TO DO!

But maybe that's just me.