Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's over ALREADY?!

Where the hell did my weekend go?! I can't believe it's Sunday night already. Hmpf!

So, here's a brief recap:

1. Friday--work sucked. Instruments down. Vacation requests denied. C. & I put together my microwave stand that Sears miraculously found (how it can go from being back ordered until June to being available now in the blink of an eye is beyond me, but who am I to complain). Well, we got to step 5 and quit. The instructions say it will take 2 people 1 hour to put together. WRONG! Mom and I spent 45 minutes sorting all the bits and bobs to make sure all the pieces that were supposed to be there actually were. Then C. & I spent 2 hours putting it together (there were more than a few f-bombs dropped...mostly by me). It still needs doors and drawers. An SOS call to my handy uncle C. was placed on Saturday. We're currently trying to co-ordinate schedules.

2. Saturday--coffee and a walk by the river with the girls. Fabulous, considering the lack of sleep I had. I wanted to bail on the walk, but I'm glad we went. It was great to be outside and enjoying the sunshine and warm (FINALLY) weather. Mom, C and I went to the Farmer's Market and wandered. I picked up some cheese from my favourite cheese place (medium gouda this week) and some pink lady apples from BC. And carrots to go with the big container of hummous (Tribe roasted garlic) that mom brought. S. treated me to lunch at the best schwarma place in town: Falafel King. Seriously, they make the best I've found since returning from the middle east. Although I have yet to find a place that makes them with fries inside (that's how I had them in Saudi). Mom and I then braved the mall to return some impulse purchases I made earlier in the week. That was not a good idea--I don't do well in crowds and crowded doesn't even begin to describe the place.

3. Sunday--slept in, scrap booked/stamped with another friend, C (I have a lot of C's in my life), then rushed home to go for dinner with the boy. All is good there, too. =P

And now I find it's bedtime and my weekend has flown by! I didn't get a run in, but hopefully tomorrow. I've also got to do some French homework. Good thing Monday's are usually pretty easy, laid back days at work. So, I'm off to catch up with you guys! 'night!

H =)