Monday, August 2, 2010

Holiday Monday

Good morning!

I’m seeing how far I can take the daily yoga challenge on my own. Journaling has been going great guns since July 17, so let’s see how I do.

Last night I did a Kundalini practice from It was short and I thought my arms would fall off (they’re held over head with your hands in shiva mudra (also known as uttarabodhi mudra) for the entire practice! Uttarabodhi mudra is known as the mudra of the highest enlightenment or gesture of perfection.

Today I’m having a yoga play date with Sonya and then maybe heading to see Sex and the City 2. Other than that, there’s not much scheduled besides some knitting. The baby blanket isn’t going to knit itself!

Update: Yoga play date was good—got my yogic butt kicked again! Got caught in a crazy rain storm on the way home. Stopped in at Community and picked up some tempeh (never tried it before) and chia seeds. Headed over to Safeway when the sky opened up. Caught a cab home, fed the guinea pigs (their humans went away for the weekend), talked to their humans (they got home earlier than I thought they would be), and made the most AMAZING pizza for dinner!

One WW pita, topped with sauce, onion, spinach, zuke, ‘shrooms, turkey bite, orange pepper and Kraft Italiano cheese blend. I bought olives but forgot to put them on. Ooops! With or without, I want another one! I had totally forgot that I used to make pita pizzas when I first joined WW. Mmmmmm….catching up on Corrie (the knitting has been put away) and then heading to bed.