Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, Sweet Friday, How I Love Thee!

TGIF has never been so sweet. Why, you ask? Well, lemme tell ya:

- I slept all of two hours last night. Yep. Two. From 1100 - 0113h. I think the dream about my dad wigged me out so I couldn't go back to sleep. It wasn't the nightmare one, it was all good, I think it was just seeing him that did it (if that makes any sense whatsoever).

- I checked the forecast on the Weather Network literally right before I walked out the door. No rain till thundershowers in the afternoon. I got two blocks from home (S'bucks in sight now) and the sky opened up, thunder boomed and lightening crashed. Lovely. And all at 0540h. Did I mention that I had neither a coat nor brellie? Yeah, figures! Have I mentioned I'm seriously considering a career change? Yep. Meteorologist. Apparently it's the only job that you can always be wrong at and still keep your job! =P

- Two people called in sick at work. They weren't going to call anyone in, either. Yeah, that went over like a proverbial lead balloon. By 11 (a mere 5 hours into my 8 hour shift), we had replaced the two sickos.

OY. Alas, I'm home now. I stopped at Shoppers and picked up my winning lottery tickets for both tonight and tomorrow. I also got two free plays from a few weeks ago. My banker frowns on my retirement savings plan, but I'm told they won't give you the money unless you buy a ticket. Also stopped and got some groceries and bought only healthy stuff! Big feat on two hours of sleep! It was yummy veggie pita pizzas for dinner tonight chez moi.

I also just had a lovely soak in my claw foot tub. *sigh*

Happy Friday! 'Night!


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

So, did you win the lotto or what? ;) hehe! Hope you're have a fab weekend.