Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh My...

Getting to work for 6 am is hard! And I'm an early bird!

Physiotherapists can inflict pain! Miraculously, the inflicted pain can make the other pain go away. My knee is much happier now after a good 10 minutes of torture (she massaged the sore spot), some ultrasound and then 5 or 6 needles sticking in it for 10-15 minutes. No running yesterday though, as I was under strict orders to take it easy. Walking 5 blocks to the bus stop was more than enough. =)

My curried chicken burgers with fresh cilantro and mango chutney are AMAZING! Find the recipe HERE. There may not be any leftovers.

Savasana is a lovely way to end a stressful day! Especially when it's a guided meditation with Rodney Yee.

Good friends are precious! I reconnected with my friend, M, through crackbook and I couldn't be more grateful. We're holding each other accountable during our marathon training (she got her exam deferred and now gets to spend FIVE whole days in Honolulu avec moi!) and our weight loss efforts. And it's just cool to be able to talk to her again, 'cause let's face it: I talk a lot, so does she and we can follow each other's crazy thought patterns as our conversations jump all over the place. Most people can't keep up. =)

And with that, I need to go finish packing my lunch (a Super Salad a la Bitchcakes) complete with a snack for the way home (my goal this week in an effort to curb after work snacking).


Patsy said...

I started work today at 6am, but thankfully I work from home!

Well done for getting in touch with your friend and finding a marathon buddy! :o)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

The class I did last night was a Baptiste Vinyasa Flow class.