Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oops! Fogot to Mention

My friend Iris (the one who convinced me to run the trail run yesterday) was the top female in yesterday's marathon event! The race consists of a 16K, 29K and 42K.

Her courage, determination and sheer will power are a continual inspiration to me. Her goal this summer was to run at least one event from April to September. Her summer looked like this:

3 x 50km races
1 x 50 mile race
1 x 100km race

She ran the 42km yesterday and in two weeks is headed to Lethbridge to run the Lost Soul 100 km. I'm amazed by her strength and in awe of how she pushes her limits continuously.

In turn, she pushes me to test my limits.

I like it.

She spent most of last week sick on the couch (I thought I might have to take her to the hospital at one point) and ran an incredible race yesterday! She passed me when I was around the 10.5 or 11K mark, high-fived and bounded (yes, bounded) up the hill. I sped up, hoping that we might be able to finish sort of close together, but by the time I crested the same hill, she was gone!

I thought she said "I'm having a good run."

Apparently she said, "I'm so ready to be done."

Seeing her mid-course helped me to speed up for the challenging hills in the second half. I left the girl I was running with around the 12K mark and suddenly, I was all alone in the woods.


Sun streamed through the canopy of leaves. My footsteps and breathing were all I could hear. It was incredible.



Three more marathoners passed me before I finished. I ran out of the trees into the parking lot and knew the finish line was close. I dug deep, channeled my inner Kenyan, and ran with all my heart.

I did it!

And I'd do it again.

Maybe not today (it's been rainy and gross all day, so I imagine that big bog at 4k is quite a bit boggier today than yesterday!). But I'll definitely run this trail again. And again.

Because I can.


Michelle said...

Isn't running amazing? :)

Shirls said...

you blow my mind, I can't even begin to imagine what that took, you simply amaze me and the fact that your amazed by another boggles the mind to the strength that girl has!

Nicole v said...

Wow... way to go H!! By the end of reading this entry I had goosebumps!! So awesome!! You inspire too!!!