Friday, August 27, 2010

Four for Friday

In Laura style:

1. Thank God (or whatever higher being you believe in) it's Friday!! One more evening shift and I'm done for a bit (Sept. 15, but who's counting?).

2. Alli is bringing the baby over for a visit this morning. Yaaay! I like babies, just not kids. It's weird, I know.

3. Gathering all my gear for my first trail run tomorrow! I'm a little freaked out, but excited at the same time. Laundry is in and now I just need to pack three different ensembles in preparation for whatever weather Mother Nature decides to throw at us. Bragg Creek weather can be very different than Calgary's, even though it's only a short drive away. That's what happens the closer you get to the mountains: the weather gets more erratic!

4. I saved the best for last! Down FOUR (count 'em, FOUR) pounds this week! It's amazing what happens when you really apply yourself versus half-assing it. I've been in Maintenance Mode for quite awhile, so I'm thrilled by this. Now I just need to take this momentum into next week, when I see my doctor. My main motivator is the marathon--running 42.2K even five pounds lighter will be easier (and hopefully faster), so each pound counts!


Shirls said...

4lbs!! wow congrats! I too am heading out to the mountains tomorrow, not for running but for hiking, can't wait! and yep I'll be packing some clothing layers too