Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running Fool

Good morning! I woke up bright and early this morning and got ready to head out for my long run. I only got out once this week for a run so wasn't too sure how my body was going to feel.

It started out kind of cool and humid (12C and 82%) and now it's 18C and 60% and sunny. I wasn't sure of my route either...stick to the same old or try something new? A few ideas popped into mind:

- Run down Elbow Drive for my 11K and then hop on a bus home. Too bad I only brought ATM card--no change for bus, no bus ticket. Not a good option today. Note to self: bring bus ticket next time!

- Run up the hill at Brittania, then cut over to the ridge and down into Sandy Beach, returning via my regular route. Naaahhh.

- Or, out and back down Elbow Drive. Hmmm...might be onto something here...

Now I've gotta hop in the shower and get ready for work! I'm hoping to bail out a little early to make it to yoga class at 6...wish me luck!