Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Oh thank goodness the weekend has arrived! Not because I have a lot planned, but because I get SIX, yes six, count 'em, six days off!! And all in a row too. =)

So what have I been up to? Well, working and not a lot of sleeping. That makes for a somewhat cranky H-woman. Thank goodness I'm still going strong on my daily yoga/meditation practice. Granted, the last two days consisted of supta baddha konasana and deep belly breathing. Who cares, it's slowing down and focusing on the breath that counts!

Thursday after work I had a brutal run. It was hot, I was tired and slightly dehydrated and the humidity was killing me. But I got out the door which was all I really wanted to do. And 20 minutes running is better than 20 minutes sitting on the couch thinking about running. I walked down and got the sparkly bits in my hair taken care of and had a great glass of wine and catch up with my hair dresser.

Yesterday I went to the best Lebanese restaurant in town, Aida's. I'm so lucky, 'cause it's just down the street! S & L and I had a great visit and then we headed for ice cream. Along the way we picked up S's SIL and nephews who were in town for a brief visit. Our lemon sorbet was NOT what we were looking for. S & I actually threw most of ours away. It just tasted like fake lemon. Ewwww.

I hit the sack early--9 p.m. And slept and slept and slept! It was glorious! Nerm let me sleep till 7:30, but we laid in bed till almost 9. Le sigh.

After a cuppa chai and a nectarine, I headed out for a run. 4.61 km, 35 minutes and 368 calories later, I'm feeling great. My running speed is good and my body seems pretty happy. I've been making a concentrated effort to actually do the physio exercises more than once a week! It makes a difference--who knew? Never mind, don't answer that!

I'm going to a BBQ tonight with my yoga peeps. Tomorrow is a long run, teaching yoga at 6 and that's IT! Next week I've got first aid in the afternoons, a wedding shower on Monday, my mom and nephew are arriving on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and then it'll be back to work on Friday. Yikes, why does it go so quickly?!

Anyway, if I'm teaching a yoga class tomorrow, I should probably go plan one! Have a great weekend!