Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Well, not really, but the alliteration is nice.

Work was interesting, as I learned one of my co-workers EXPECTS help on the repeat bench. WTF?! It's your JOB! Yes, it's nice if someone has time to help you, but I sure as hell don't go to work with the expectation that someone will help me! For five-freaking-cents! And quite honestly, it's pretty rare that there isn't time to get all your work done. Sheesh.

But enough of that.

Came home (a lovely walk in the sunshine--thank goodness the chinook seems to be close!) and prompty crawled into bed with Nerm for a wee kip. I felt 300% better, had a quick dinner of chicken lentil soup (Primo lentil kicked up a notch or two with my fabulous cooking skills) and fruit crisp. Then I headed out, yoga mat strapped to my back, to catch the bus.


WHEN will the City of Calgary in all its wisdom learn that in order to make people take transit, you need to actually have a bus running when you say it's going to! Watching the bus drive by, completely empty & out of service, filled me with rage. I eventually caught a bus (and by now I'm freaking out 'cause I'm going to be late--I also forgot to add the 20 minute buffer required whenever one travels by transit) and made it, only about 10 minutes late. But seriously, for all the people that live on 11 Ave NE between Centre Street and 5th, CLEAN YOUR FUCKING SIDEWALKS! It hasn't snowed in two days.

Good thing I had 4 hours of yoga to get over all this stuff, huh? Really, I am, I'm just recapping my day. The four hours FLEW by and now I'm home and oh, so happy that I don't have to work tomorrow!! I've got a date with G & baby for noodles for lunch and I. & I are going for sushi (I think) for dinner. Doesn't really matter.

And now, I must sleep. My poor little eyes are burning they're so tired. I'm not setting an alarm. If I wake up in time to go to a WW meeting tomorrow (I work on Saturday), I'll go, but I'm not going to make myself get up. Sleep beats the scale!



Jaime said...

You tell 'em sister! :)