Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

How did it get to be Sunday afternoon already?!

It's been busy, but fun:
1. WW meeting (down 3 something on their scale, but still not as low as my scale). Whatever. Down is down.

2. Tupperware delivery to friend Kim that lives in Suburbia close to our meeting. Haven't seen her since my dad's funeral. She's been doing WW online and has lost 51 pounds. She looks awesome!

3. Coffee with the girls. Much fun. Many laughs. Good chai. And cottage cheese and fresh pineapple and half a trail mix Honey Bar. Mmmmm...

4. Off to find Canada Olympic gear, only to be foiled at each and every attempt! Zellers. No.
The Bay. No.
Roots. No.
Lulu. No.
Frantic text to family in Funcouver. I got a "fat freaking chance! The lineup is huge." I guess that means as much as she loves me, she won't stand in line for me. Oh well, the world won't come to a screeching halt just because I don't have the mitts.

4.i. Farmer's Market. Oops! How'd I forget that? Yummy lunch from the Greek Gals. Also bought pita and 'ziki.

5. Cleaned kitchen. It was bad. It took awhile.

6. Made myself gorgeous for Winfest. Walked to Stampede grounds, ate, drank lots of wine (some really, really, really good, others not so good, some very bad--honey wine and alfalfa wine come immediately to mind). Walked home. Okay, maybe teetered a little.

7. Sleep, glorious sleep!

8. Got up before my boy and pulled out my knitting. I missed my goal of finishing by the end of January, but I'm in the home stretch now. I've got about 15 rows left and it's DONE. Maybe by tomorrow?

9. Did not run due to slightly hurting head. See #6 above.

10. Went for early lunch with my boy at Moti Mahal. Yum. Veggie Pakoras are my guilty pleasure. I'm not going to lie. I savoured each and every bite. There was also plain basmati, butter chicken, lamb curry, kabli channa, and dal. And naan.

11. Hit the trails to enjoy the sunshine. We saw some incredibly STOOPID people walking across the Bow river under the bridge at Edworthy park. Open water on both sides of the bridge, but hey, give it a try. I'll call 911 for you and tell them not to hurry because, quite frankly, you deserve to feel the icy freshness of a glacier fed river.

12. Back to the boy's place to chill out on the couch. I made some excellent progress on my knitting as ski cross was on in the background. It was pretty stressful!!

13. I tried to get the boy to show me the new video game he's obsessed with playing but he wouldn't. Call me crazy, but I wanted to see the game where he's a naked rat killer turned rat meat merchant. Although I'm told he eventually had enough money to buy pants....

14. Throwing in a huge load of laundry (it's the beauty of wearing scrubs to work--no sorting required) then going to have some Chinese food with Carol for her b-day.

15. Congratulations if you've read this far! You are obviously a dedicated follower and should receive some sort of reward. Unfortunately, there isn't one. =P

16. Copperhead Road (by my fave musician, Steve Earle) is currently playing on the radio. Must go turn up the volume!

Happy weekend!

5 MINUTE LATER EDIT: HUGE NSV--my Lulu hoodie that I bought while at goal fits again!! Whoo hoo! Proof that it's not just the number on the scale, people, it's the measurements that count!


Shirls said...

congrats that is a great accomplishment!!

btw - totally agree, no rush on the 911 dialing needed, something its survival of the smartest ;0)

Carol said...

Congrats on the hoodie (I was going to ask if it was new!) and thank you again for joining me for dinner. It was most fabulous!! The food and the company!

Patsy said...

Ok, can understand now why your weekend rushed past so fast!

BEE said...

great nsv!!!!

Nicole v said...

REad it to the end!! Hee hee.. sounds like a great weekend!! ;-)

Lex said...

YAY!! The # on the scale is very one dimensional - so happy for you & your hoodie!!!