Friday, February 12, 2010

No Wonder I'm Tired!

So my day off was spent enjoying the sunshine that finally returned to Calgary! I walked and walked and walked some more (and ate and ate and ate some more, too, but that's coming later). Grand total: 12.88K!

This puts me 99km into my journey from Hope to Kamloops and passing though Siska Flat Indian Reserves 3 & 8. Not too shabby!

Had a lovely lunch with G and the baby. Beef sate pho with veggies and shrimp salad rolls. Yum. Then we walked to the place that sells cupcakes and I got a peanut butter chocolate one. They were out of the minis so I was forced to eat a big one. In my defense, I scraped off over half of the sickeningly sweet, oh so peanut buttery icing.

Ran some errands, and slipped on yet another icy sidewalk. Seriously? Alas, I am uninjured and lived to tell the tale.

Had an amazing sushi dinner with my old neighbour. We're making it a monthly ritual. Which reminds me, I need to go put that in my calendar!

Alas, that's all I've got. I'm hoping against all odds (and seniority) that I don't get screwed in my vacation requests for the next year, but it's not looking good. Le sigh. At least I've got a little bit of seniority this year!

Work tomorrow and then a big run on Sunday. Lunch with S's fam to celebrate his oldest bro's birthday (I'm making the cake--classic cheese cake with a mixed berry/orange coulis) and then lazing with my guy, watching movies, making pizza and doing yoga homework.

Today's totally been a snackapolooza and I can't even blame hormones. Hi, my name is H-woman and I'm an emotional eater. Nice to meet you. But at least I recognize it now!



Anonymous said...

LOL @ being forced to eat a bigger cupcake! ;) Sounds yummy.... and you did walk for 13K so I'm sure its all evened out!

I hope you get your vacay requests. Hubby is one of 2 people in his depart and he never seems to get approved for his b/c the co-worker always overrides them due to seniority.

Patsy said...

Hope you're lovely and rested now! :o)