Monday, February 15, 2010

Wowsers, where does the time go?

OK, a total mishmash of ramblings today.

1. Huge NSV!
I can wear (and wear well!) my 'goal' black suit. I wore it to Grandpa Jack's funeral and looked hawt. Also showed my mom and aunt that I was listening when they taught me how to:
(a) build a wardrobe with classic pieces & accentuate with trendy bits
(b) wear good underwear if you want to look good on the outside

2. Sunday LSD
21.97 km
1593 cal
Felt great until about 14K, when my left IT band/knee started acting up. By 18K I could only walk, so walked the last 4K. Oh well! Was attacked by two dogs while in an area clearly marked "Dogs must be on a leash" and their irresponsible owner was 250 metres away and clearly not in control of said dogs. Oh, and this is after I saw her physically separate her dogs from another one. So when I yelled at her to(while kicking the biting, barking, nasty beasts away from my delicate ankles) "Control your fucking dogs!" I was less than pleased with her "Oh, they're harmless" response. Sheesh.

3. Valentine's Day
First Hallmark Holiday ever spent with a boy. It was OK--we decided it wasn't going to be a big deal: I got a pink cyclamen plant and he got Bernard Callebeaut chocolates. We went for lunch with his family (his brother's birthday was Friday) and then back to his bro's place for cake...that I made. Stopped at Safeway for pizza makings, then watched "The Hangover". Better than I thought it would be! And seriously, Bradley Cooper is HOT. Made pizza for dinner (and got the boy to eat veggie pepperoni) which was AWESOME (did we expect any less?) and watched a few episdoes of "The Office" while it was baking and we were eating. Finished the evening with "Ever After". My boy <3's Drew Barrymore. All in all a pretty good made up holiday!

4. I am a COOK, not a baker.
First, had to borrow a springform pan for the cheesecake. Mom and I obviously threw mine out in one of our many cleaning/purging frenzies. Second, I didn't buy Philadelphia cream cheese...I bought Safeway brand. I think this matters. It wasn't entirely soft and I didn't get all the itty bitty lumpy bits beaten out, so the finished product was slightly lumpy. They didn't seem to notice!

5. Thai is yummy
J. picked me up on Friday on her way to the airport to pick up B, J's son's girlfriend. We got caught up on the way, then the girls decided dinner was in order. We headed to the Thai Boat and thoroughly enjoyed a veggie/basil/cashew dish, Pad Thai and a veggie green curry. And coconut rice. What would Thai food without coconut rice be? Maybe that's what I should do for my birthday....hmmmm....

6. Not much else to report. I work evenings this week, so will have to have morning runs. Yoga on Wednesday night (I have to teach two poses). Saturday night is Winefest. Cannot wait for that!


Fatinah said...

when people say that to me when their dogs are out of control - I always tell them they will be harmless once I've kicked the shit out of them!! I have a dog - but cannot stand owners who take dogs off leash in ON leash areas AND cannot control them!! One time a dog was attacking my leashed pup and I told the chick that her dog shouldn't be off leash if she couldn't control it - she told me to calm down. Ya, that went over well!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on fitting into your goal suit, that is an amazing accomplishment! Would love to see some pics!

Great job on the run but Boo to the irresponsible dog owners. Sometimes people really don't think at all. :(

Loved The Hangover, was hilarious!

And yup, Philly all the way! Just like Heinz there are some brand name things that you can't sub IMO. ;)