Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Not only do I have the weekend off, I have a whole list of good reasons to celebrate the fabulousness that is Friday:

1. Yummy breakfast!

Leftover pancakes spread with Almond Butter and Grape Jelly. Who knew?! Add a cuppa chai and I am a happy, happy girl this morning.

2. The sun is shining in my window as I type this. Sunshine + H-woman = Happy! This also means clear and dry pathways for running this weekend.

3. Photos I just downloaded.

This is the rose my yoga teacher gave me on our first day of training. For inspiration. How can you not be inspired by such beauty?

4. The scale and I are on friendly terms again. I saw a number this morning I haven't seen since this time last year! Today's plan includes:
-walk downtown to meet Cowgirl Warrior (Tupperware delivery)
-lunch: carrots and peppers with hummus & orange
-dinner: Barber's Best Chili (from Best of Bridge) with salsa & orange

5. The weekend awaits: a trip to visit S's folks, Dexter: Season 1 on a comfy couch, a LSD on Sunday and some yoga homework. And a fabulous forecast! What's not to love about today?


Patsy said...

What a great day! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. :o)

Amber said...

Oooh your happiness is contagious :)

Have a fabulous weekend! XO

Anonymous said...

Such a postive, happy post- love it! Happy weekend girl. :)

PS. What's your fav Honeybar?