Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Wi

Late post today as we went to visit S's parents (then there was a walk in the sunshine, some pizza and cuddling on the couch while watching Olympics).

My scale: Down 1.0
WW scale: +3.4 from my scale


I'm going with mine, since it's the one I use most often. And we seem to have come to an agreement of sorts. The WW scale is all over the place. Sometimes it's higher than mine, sometimes lower. Whatever.

The scale shall not make or break my day!

Gotta get some kip--I've got a LSD tomorrow! My schedule is for 26, but since I haven't ran since the 16th, I'm going to do a nice, slow 12K. Longer next weekend and a gradual taper for Around the Bay at the end of March.


Oh, Julie left me an award...I'll find out what I need to do and deal with it tomorrow. That's what I'm going to do with the poses I'm supposed to teach this week, too!


Patsy said...

Not nice the WW scale was up... If other people noticed unexpected gains that week then you can be sure it's their scale... I try to weigh in once a week at the same time in the same clothes so I get an accurate picture of what's going on. Go with what you know is right - your own weighing at home. :o)

Patsy said...

I can't believe your word verification - just now it was 'ampletush'! How rude! lol