Saturday, October 31, 2009

I <3 my new neighbours!

Guess who just knocked at the door? The new neighbours across the hall! And they brought red wine. I like ‘em already!

Had coffee with the girls, lunch with my yogini friend, C., and came home. It’s been a quiet afternoon and I’m pretty good with that. I was going to nap, but once 5 o’clock hit, I knew that I shouldn’t. So I think it’ll be an early night so I can get up and go for a run in the morning,  go to the market (see groceries on the list below),  meet S. & his parents for lunch and then who knows what….I left the après lunch up to S. so we’ll see what he comes up with!

My list is shrinking….

To Do:

-garden (rip it out and work it up)

Garmin says:  6 x 3:2 (30 min), 270 cal,  3.59km

This puts me in Surrey, BC at the 160 Street Overpass! After tomorrow’s run, I’ll be most of the way through Langley!


-change my dentist appointment

-make doctor appointment


Anonymous said...

How nice of them to bring over a bottle of wine, wish I had neighbours like that! :)

Hope you have a great run!

Fatinah said...

gee, if I'd know wine was part of the deal, I may have made an effort to meet my neighbours when I moved into my house 10 years ago! haha!