Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fairweather Boot Camper

Yep, that's me.

It's snowing outside. Half an hour ago it couldn't decide if it should be raining or snowing, so there were small hail-like bits of frozen ice hitting me.

Since I'm not in boot camp to prepare me to defend my country, I see no reason why I should subject my arthritis-prone joints to such indignities. Instead, I shall pull out my hula hoop, free weights and yoga mat and come up with some sort of activity to prepare me to wear a Christmas party dress. Oh yeah, did I tell you the great news? The party's been moved...AHEAD by a week! Egad!

And there's vino and homemade pizza for dinner! Mmmm!

OK. So I've done my own boot camp that involved:
- warm up (jogging, skipping, marching)
- squats (plie and regular)
- lateral and front shoulder raises
- tricep extensions and kick backs
- bicep curls
- plank
- V-sit with shoulder raises
- flyes
- hula hooping for 10+ minutes

Followed all that with some yoga:
- pigeon
- thread the needle
- reclined cobbler
- reclined twists
- firebird

Only to discover that my oven is not cooking my pizza! EGAD! I think it's the element and I've got a call in to the landlord but holy smokes, I made a mean pizza and now I want it!!

Update: S saved me and my pizza! Whoo hoo! It was tres yummy. And now my cozy bed beckons. 'Night, all!


Fatinah said...

ha - there is no way I'd be outside in a bootcamp in the weather we've been having! Good for you for making a warmer version on your own!!