Monday, October 26, 2009

Holidays ROCK!!

Especially stay-cations! I stayed in my jammies till late this afternoon. And quite honestly, the only reason I changed was 'cause I was going for noodles with C.!

So I strapped on the heart rate monitor and headed to Kensington (through downtown, along the river and then across).Garmin says (round trip):
9.06 km
745 cal
48% max hr
Today's outing has me through Burnaby and I'm at the Railway underpass, ready to enter Coquitlam at the North Road underpass! Whoo hoo!!

I've set some running goals for myself (why wait till January 1, like everybody else?).
March 28, 2010--Around the Bay 30K in Hamilton with D.

May 15, 2010--Windemere Full Marathon (that's right, 42.2K!!) in Spokane, WA
Although the starting line is in Idaho, you finish in Washington--how cool is that?!

September 25, 2010--Melissa's Road Race in Banff

December 12, 2010--Honolulu Marathon in, you guessed it, Honolulu, Hawaii
'Cause really, the marathon is you vs. the course. The only time you can compare times is on the same course.
So Diamond Head, watch out. This time you will not make me question my own sanity!
Highway to Hell, get ready, 'cause I'm comin' back to beat you into submission!
And Japanese tourists, well, there's not much more to say except, "GET THE F*%K OUTTA MY WAY!" It is a timed event, after all! =P

And really, who wouldn't love a tropical vacation afterwards, drinking pina colada's on a beach? Certainly not me!

And then I came home to an email about yoga teacher training that begins in January. I'm having lunch with my lovely yogini friend, C., on Saturday so I'm sure she'll be able to help me decide (she just finished her training this summer)if this is a good time and move for me. It's a fabulous opportunity with a great teacher, in Calgary, part time...maybe I'll just go sit on my mat for a bit and sit with it all for a bit.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm booking a flight to Funcouver for November. I'm going to crash at my cousin's house, practice yoga with another fabulous teacher (whom I adore!), and run the sea wall. And maybe, no, definitely, drink tea by the ocean and feel the breeze on my face! Thank God for Air Miles!

H =)


Fatinah said...

you have some awesome runs planned - I'm quite jealous! I'm trying to talk my brother-in-law into doing the New Year's run in Ottawa with me..... Ottawa in winter not quite the same as Hawaii..... but..... ;-)

Laura said...

I will try to find the video that sounds the Around the Bay route if you aren't familiar with it. First half of the race isn't so pretty but the last half is quite nice..and tough...