Thursday, October 22, 2009


Posts, that is!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Day #1 of holidays. I stayed in my jammies till almost 5 pm but got lots done!

-completed professional college registration.

-paid professional fees so that I may practice. Gulp. Good-bye $675!

-signed up for Canada Savings Bonds to be automatically withdrawn from pay cheque. Hello, Hawaii!

-completed necessary forms to join pension fund (they just changed the rules and I'm eligible an entire year earlier than I thought I would be). Hello, Retirement!

Then I thought I should get off my ass and enjoy the super sunshine that was going on out there. So I donned walkin' gear and headed out. After crunching through the leaves, basking in the glorious sunshine, Garmin says:
6.39 km
6.4 km/h
77% max hr
405 cal

I'll take it! Dinner is cooking as I type and man, does it smell good! I'm reheating the aloo ghobi I made the other day (third time gets better each time!) and I'm baking a trout fillet smeared with Patak's Tandoori paste. It smells D.I.V.I.N.E.!

And here's what I left (as I try desperately to give up my membership in the 'clean your plate' club):

And now I'll take my exclamation marks and bid farewell. I've got the new issue of Self Magazine to peruse, episodes of Being Erica and The Border (I <3 CBC) to watch and a kitty to cuddle.