Friday, October 30, 2009

Jaime Rocks!

I am now a proud user of Windows Live Writer thanks to Jaime! Apparently this will allow me to do all kinds of cool things, like:

  • change the colour of the font! Or the font!
  • add bullets (maybe I could do that in Blogger, I don’t know
  • cross things off my to-do list! (which is what I really, really wanted to know how to do!)
  • I’m hoping that dealing with photos will be easier (I’ll experiment and let you know)
  • See what my post is actually going to look like in my blog template

And that is what I know for sure.

On a side note, I’ve decided to NOT email my supervisor just yet. Perhaps some of the beloved full timers stepped up to the plate and volunteered. I’m still seething mad (and in need of a good run, which will happen very, very soon!) and I’d rather not burn any bridges. I shall wait and see.

For a very non-patient person, this is INCREDIBLY difficult, yet I can do this. <breathe in, breathe out> <sigh>


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Live Writer, makes blogging so much easier, especially if you post pictures a lot!

Fatinah said...

you're smart to hold off on the e-mail. you're right - maybe some people WILL step up!