Thursday, October 15, 2009


OK, here's what's been going on:

- I managed to pull of Thanksgiving dinner for 12 with no stove top or oven. Thank goodness C. cooked the turducken at her house and I had the foresight to buy an electric frying pan last Friday. Between that and the crock pot, dinner was a success!

- Why won't the stove work? Turns out the handy man I hired last week that replaced a kitchen outlet knows jack shit about doing such things. It wasn't split, so it kept tripping the breaker and blowing the fuse downstairs. $454.65 later (for the appliance guy and electrician) I now have a functioning stove and oven again. Sheesh.

- I love my old house! Why? The radiator in the bathroom is a perfect towel warmer when I'm soaking in the claw foot tub. Pure bliss.

- I'm still sick. I felt really good on Monday, but then got slammed that night. I stayed home from work on Tuesday, went to a walk in clinic and got antibiotics to treat the sinus infection and came home to sleep. Went to work yesterday, only to be forced outside (sans coat) for a freaking fire drill! Guess who stayed home sick today? Yep, me and Nerm are catching a sunbeam in front of the fire. =P

- Hoping I'll feel better soon so that I can get out running and back to boot camp.


Fatinah said...

mmm, so glad to hear your dinner turned out!!