Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello, Weekend!!

I started mine off yesterday! I set out for my Friday morning yoga class in the sunshine and savoured every. single. minute. of. it! (the sunshine and the yoga).
In typical Friday fashion, we went to Starbucks afterwards for caffeine, community and conversation. LOVED it. When we left (2 hours later), the clouds had rolled in and there was a strong possibility of rain. There went my plans for sitting on the deck sipping mojitos all afternoon. =(

I called a local bookstore looking for a meditation cd. Apparently it's on back order, so I'm still waiting, but I did save myself a jaunt to Montgomery!

I spent the afternoon in search of accommodations for my friend and I went we go to Santa Monica (I have Sheryl Crow singing "All I Wanna Do" whenever I think of Santa Monica!)for our yoga immersions with Noah.

Met up with my peeps S & L in the early evening to get ready for the garage sale they're having this morning. Made signs, blew up balloons, priced stuff and then we went for dinner.

Today I'm off to work momentarily for a half day, then yoga, and then my patio! And laundry. The pickings were slim this morning. =)

Tomorrow: long, slow run (distance not yet known, I need to look in my book), Farmer's Market (I think with my cousin and his gf, not sure) and then the patio. I sense a strong patio theme here....

Happy Weekend!