Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick Weekend Recap

Holy moly, time flies when you're having fun!

Woke up to some seriously gross (SNOW) weather on Saturday morning, which made our drive to Drumheller to see dinosaur bones interesting. Add construction and 4x4-ing in S's sleek, silver sports car and well, let's just say we were happy to arrive at the museum!

Met up with D & her gang to learn about dinosaurs and such. I love museums and probably could have spent a few more hours reading each and every display. Why people take toddlers to a museum where reading is required is completely beyond me, however. Excellent birth control, other people's children!

Headed back to the city and took a scenic route (I'm so much like my father it scares me sometimes--we never went home the way we went!) through Rockyford and Strathmore. Met up with D for dinner at Chianti's for some good carb loading. Stick with what you know was the motto: S had the supremo (it was either that or the Kitsilano--that's all he eats there!) and I had the tortellini Romanoff. sauce.

Dropped D off at her hotel downtown and we headed home to crash on the couch in a food coma. Got sucked in by bad tv...there is a reason I don't own one! By the time we knew it, it was midnight. Yikes!

I got up bright and early to head down to the turn around point of the half marathon. D was in town to run the half, C was running the full and my former co-workers, C, C & A were all running the half. I figured it was the best vantage point to see them all. And I did!! Got to see A & C (co-workers) first as they rounded the 13K mark of their very first half. They finished in a speedy 2:15! Next came C wearing the red full marathon bib. After a quick hug and high five, I sent her on her way to tackle Shag. Next came my speed-walkin' co-worker, C (we did the first 60K weekend to end breast cancer together). She was rockin' it too! D was there shortly after and I ran alongside for about a kilometre or so. The lead marathoner passed us looking like he'd barely broken a sweat. I yearn for speed like that!

I headed to the Lazy Loaf and Kettle for sustenance. A couple of croissants and a london fog (icky--it didn't even make it all the way home) later, I resumed my position on the couch. Called C to let her know I'd be at the bottom of Shag on the way back if she gave me the head's up in time. And she did! The phone rang around 11:20 and so S & I headed out (where the hell did that wind come from, though?! Wowsers, it was freezing! Did I mention I was glad I wasn't running?!). She came through looking strong so while she and K (her running partner) had a water/walk break we chatted and talked strategy. My parting words: LEFT, RIGHT, REPEAT! And she obviously did--go check out her race recap here.

What fabulous incentive to do my freaking painful physio exercises so that I can kick Diamond Head's ass in Honolulu in December!!

S & I headed out for lunch afterwards, a quick 3K walk along the river in the brief moment of sunshine, then resumed our positions on his comfy couch. We made a yummy healthy dinner: bbq'd salmon with lemon & dill, rice, and stir fried veggies with a spicy ginger sauce.


And now it's over. Hope that D & her family made it home safe and sound. Oh, and before I forget, D's oldest son kicked some serious ass in the 10K today! He's a speed demon, that one!

If you're still reading, kudos to you. I'm knackered and going to bed. The alarm's going to go off way too early in the morning!


marie said...

I'm so jealous of your weekend with D :)

Carol said...

Thanks for being there, cheering us all on! Really appreciated the moral support!! Hugs, my stinky and sweaty as they have been.