Friday, May 28, 2010

Finding balance

We've talked about it in just about every yoga class I've ever been to, and definitely in each and every one of my teacher training classes. Whether it's finding the sweet spot in a pose, or trying to find balance in our lives, we are always searching and striving to find that ever elusive balance. Heck, Jaime even named her blog after it!

I've found it in headstand. New favourite pose, by the way.

I've sort of found it by choosing to work part time instead of full time.

But I've lost my groove without my handy 3-month WW journal. So I dug it out today. And I have dutifully recorded it all. The bag of cheezies (and chips). The Hershey's kisses that someone left in the office at work. But I also recorded all the healthy, nutritious food. And the four flights of stairs (twice, thank you very much).

This weekend shall not be one of "oh, D's in town and you only live once, right?". Instead, it will involve activity of some sort each day and healthy food choices. It's all about balance. Balancing friendships, travel and healthy living. I want it all!

And nobody said that a Strongbow or Rock Creek Cranberry or a fabulous, homemade mojito can't be part of that!

Happy Friday!


Nik said...

Nice thoughts. ;-)
I agree... love working part-time... everything in moderation... and carpe diem... because you just never know!