Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 of 4

Yoga Intensive #2, day 2! I teach another class this afternoon. This one's going be great--moon salutations to cool and calm and then a series of hip openers, followed by a delicious savasana, bathed in the light of the moon (I love yoga--I can say all these 'cheesy' things and it's totally ok!).

Yesterday was intense, too. Four hours of actual asana practice, spread throughout the day, and then lots of theory and philosophy, just to round things out. To add to it, I went to my friend, J's prana restore class to meet with my sisterhood of traveling mats and rejuvenate from my intense day.

Alas, I'd best get going so I'm not late. But seriously, did NONE of you appreciate my victory (so far) over the squirrels?! Not a single comment!!

Happy Friday wherever you are.

Oh, yesterday rocked for two other reasons:
1. I did headstand all by myself!! Ok, there was the wall, but no spotter required!

2. I was also assisted into wheel. It was one of the most intense, amazing experiences I've ever had. Best part, no crying (like I usually do in intense backbends, which is why I avoid them)!

H =)


Kinder said...

Wow that is a crazy backbend! No way would my aching back do that! LOL!

Good luck with your busyness!

I love yoga too, I have not practiced for so long, but I do miss it!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I did think your squirrel prep was genious. I just don't trust those creatures.

Amber said...

Oooh wheel! Love that pose! Intense backbends are amazzzinggg!

You are doing so great with your yoga training, I'm excited for you!