Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

It's a day (or month) all about ME!!

I tried to sleep in. I did. My nephew phoned before 8. Then the text messages started. My brother called before 9. Maybe tomorrow....

I'm currently enjoying a lovely cuppa chai in my favourite S'bux Good Morning cup trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Toast with Nutella and a nana or scrambled eggs with cheese, chives and bacon (Epicure) with shrooms and hashbrowns? Hmmmm...I think I know. Eggs it is!

The rest of the day looks like this:
-sort the laundry (Mom's coming...and she (unlike me) LOVES laundry. I don't argue.)
-renew my driver's license
-find my kitchen cupboard and island. They appear to have been hit by a cyclone.
-go for a run (high is +10C today)
-dinner with my peeps at Aida's (best Lebanese sit down restaurant in town. Falafel King makes a mean schwarma)
-finish the baby blanket. Less than 10 rows left!! It WILL be done by tomorrow night, I promise. I will even post a photo. Now, hold me to that!!

Last night before I went to bed I was listening to the radio. The Vinyl Cafe was on and Melissa McClelland and Luke Ducet were the musical guests. I seriously could not think of a better way to end the year!

S & I have been together for a whole YEAR. YIKES! It's an easy day for him to remember--the day before my birthday! I had to work evenings, so we didn't get to see each other, but we are going to Banff next weekend. AND I've got us booked into the Banff Springs in May to go to the Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. It's going to be fun since we don't even have to leave the hotel!! No coat check, no stumbling home in the cold and dark. It's perfect.

Have a fantastic day--I know I will!


BEE said...

happy b day
live it up today!!!!!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, lovely! Have a fantastic day!!!!

PS: Will you be around on April 23-24ish? Me and Eric fly out to Europe from Calgary and are driving down a couple days earlier! Would LOVE to grab lunch or dinner or coffee! XO

Laura said...

Happy Bday!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Happy happy birthday!
I better get an invitation to the wedding :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday friend!

I did not know we have very close b-day's... mine is Friday.