Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Sunday!

I got up early this morning (OK, the sun streaming in the windows woke me up) and sat in a sunbeam while S continued to doze. I've got four rows left on the baby blankie...soon, soon, it will be done! And yes, I missed my goals, although no one prodded me for pictures, so let's blame this one on you, not me. =)

Came home and went for a speedy run before work. I did my usual loop a full two minutes faster than I ever have before! Whoo hoo! And people mock my training plan. Ha, I say!

Work was...meh. Same old, same old. Went for a walk down 17th ave on my break because it was just too nice to stay indoors.

Came home and tried my first-ever popchips. BBQ & Salt & pepper flavours. Both are keepers, although they seem to have met an untimely demise...

Off to Sylvan in the morning for a check up and lunch with my fabulous 92 year old cousin C, then home again in time for yoga. A busy day off, so I'd better hit the hay!

Night, all!


Natalie said...

You have a 92 year old cousin? Cool! My grandmas is 92. Gotta respect that!