Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the Bay Recap

What an absolutely fabulous weekend!! Because I'm tired and really need a nap, it's in point form. Pictures to follow. Blogger's being a bitch right now.

1. Niagra Falls with Good Friends & a Ferris Wheel

2. Around the Bay 30K
4:27:32, upright, uninjured and smiling!! The race itself was good. Weather looked like it would hold off the rain, but at 19K, the mist started and by 23K it was full fledged rain. It's not an overly scenic first 15K, but the second half is much better and worth the wait. Hills weren't too bad. The big 'un is like Sandy Beach hill. Totally doable!

I didn't go in with any preconceived time goals, because
(a) I had never done a 30K race before
(b) my last long run (and it wasn't that long) was March 12 and
(c) my right knee was still a little tender after last week's yoga intensive.

I hoped to finish in under 4.5 though, and guess what? I DID! Besides, I also believe that the first time you run a race, you don't want to go all out. Save it for the SECOND time, so you can get a PB!

3. I got to meet MOUSE!! She was awesome and waited an extra hour after she had finished until I crossed the finish line. There was some bloggie love shared and then home to nap.

4. Any calories burned during the run were consumed (along with a few extras) with good friends at the Mandarin (big-ass buffet in Brampton). There may also have been a pina colada.


Amber said...

Yayyy! Way to go! Sounds like a fun race and a great trip! :)

Anonymous said...

You did awesome and I can't wait to see some pics you of proudly smiling! Seriously you're a machine, 4.5 hours!!

Natalie said...

Nice job! And you met mouse!

Shirls said...

less than 4.5 hours seriously? OMG, you would have had to pick me up off the pavement around hour 2 - honest.

I agree you are a machine! and so jealous that you got to meet Mouse!