Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bust out the BBQ!

After a lovely 4K walk around my 'hood, exploring both the trails and sidewalks, I fired up my trusty BBQ. The sky is still blue but they keep saying it might rain tonight.

On the grill went some Oh Naturels veggie dogs. While they were cooking, I rifled through the fridge for some veggies. What I came out with wasn't entirely pretty. Let's just say I made a substantial contribution to my compost pile.

Into the steamer basket in a pot of boiling water went 1/2 of a small head of cauliflower. I steamed it till it was VERY well done & drained it. Then I added about a tablespoon of Epicure Cheese, Chives & Bacon Dip Mix and used my immersion hand blender to blend till smooth. Voila! Faux mashed potatoes.

Topped my veggie dogs with come Cattle Boyz BBQ Sauce and sat down to lunch! Sorry, I was so hungry, I forgot to snap a photo.

My legs are much happier today--nary a twinge while out for my walk. I even jogged a little!

And that's what I know today. Off to shower and get ready for yoga and maybe even a cat nap.


Anonymous said...

I love that it's BBQ season again! My fav way to cook stuff. :)

Great idea with the cauliflower, I always see recipes but have never tried.

Natalie said...

How are those veggie dogs? I should give them a try. I've gone turkey but not veggie... yet.