Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still here!

Barely, though! Fly-by post tonight as I really need to get this tired yogi to bed. Crazy busy day on Monday:
-drive to Sylvan, go to doctor, go for x-rays of still injured thumb (remember cross country skiing?), ran into old neighbour in waiting area so had to chit chat, lunch with cousins C & C (and yes, Natalie, Clara is 92! Technically she is my second cousin (my dad's first cousin) and she is one of the most amazing women I know. She is also more like my grandma than my maternal grandmother. I love her to bits!), drove home, straight to yoga where we practiced HAND STAND.

-Tuesday was AWFUL--shitty day at work. Enough said.

-Today: much, much, much better! Yoga was intense, though. Mucho backbending = emotional H-woman. But I got great feedback on my teaching!!

Now, must sleep. Tomorrow is work, hair (cut and colour--the sparkly bits are showing), and then sushi. Thank goodness I switched Friday's day shift for an evening. I can get my long run in so that I can completely relax and enjoy my weekend in Banff with my boy.


Julie said...

I am tired just reading your busy days. ;)

Tricia said...

have a great weekend!