Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why are weekends so short?

It just flew by!

Work on Friday sucked. My vacation was approved for December was approved but my July request was denied. So I got a week in June and the third week of September. Grrrr. All because a co-worker lied (not sure if it was intentional or not, I'm hoping not) about which days she had requested. Alas, I've since canceled September and am now going to be off from Dec. 10-31. I'm quite sure that I'll be able to switch shifts around to get time off for Folk Fest. Not the ideal situation, but whatever. C'mon, Lottery Gods!

I, of course, dealt with crushing blow of summer vacation ruined yet again, by eating. Not a wise choice, but it was a conscious decision. The digital devil was not happy on Saturday morning!

Headed to Banff where we wandered around town, had the most wonderful chocolate covered caramel square and toured the Cave & Basin. Checked in to our room and were duly impressed! Went out for dinner (El Toro's) and had the most AMAZING lamb I have ever eaten. I know that's a bold statement, but OMIGOD, was it good! Went back to our room and watched the end of Season 1 of Dexter. Very romantic, I know!

Today was gorgeous, so we took a drive out of town. Came home to a lonely Nerm and made a big vat of Thai green veg curry and coconut rice. This week is going to be insanely busy! So I guess I should go finish my homework and do a load of laundry.

Have I mentioned I hate the time change? But the longer evening was lovely!


BEE said...

ya weekends sure do go by tooo fast

Patsy said...

Yep, I'll second that... This weekend has disappeared in minutes (or so it seems!)