Friday, January 9, 2009

This has GOT to stop

So the snow removal company that clears our walks comes anywhere between 4:15 and 4:30. IN THE MORNING! This (a) wakes me up and (b) makes me incredibly tired and cranky and (c) makes my friends tired and cranky because they're tired of me being tired and cranky. The city has a useless noise bylaw. Apparently in the winter the noise doesn't matter. WTF? Good thing I've got a new friend, Will, in my alderman's office who lives in my hood advising me.

I filed an official complaint with bylaw and requested an investigation. This morning I called to update the complaint with today's date and time and Elaine, the lovely city employee who took my call, was a complete cow about it. Look lady, you're working nights but are getting paid to be awake. TODAY IS MY DAY OFF. I'm not going anywhere, I have no reason to be up at this freakishly early hour...AND I'm a morning person! So if I think it's early....

Anywhoo...there's the first of today's random rants (not a rambling).

I'll be back...


Vanessa said...

That would piss me off. I hate it when you call somewhere and they act all crusty with you. Not my fault they hate their job!