Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!

This is me blogging instead of getting ready to go to work. Procrastination at it's finest!

After a good night's sleep, I feel a bit better about my work schedule. I've fired off an email to another part timer to see if she'll switch with me. Before I hand in my shift exchange form, I think I'll ask why my evening shifts are split up as the rotation is supposed to be a week at a time...what the hell, why bother?! I'll just get some run around answer or a stupid look looking back at me. I'll just switch my shift and plot world domination while on vacation!

Had noodles for dinner last night (too tired, lazy and cranky to cook and pizza wasn't a very healthy option). I'm going to be chugging water today in an effort to rid my body of the excess sodium!

Dinner out with S. tonight (using one of our many Keg gift cards we received for bad service) and then a lazy weekend planned. The weather here is crappy again--rainy and cold. My fingers are swollen to twice their normal size and every joint in my body screams when I move. Gah. Arthritis is a bitch, people. I've bailed on boot camp and running because anything more than a slow walk hurts. As long as I keep moving, I'll be OK, but my body doth protest to the vigorous workouts in weather like this. I only have the one, so I'll respect it's decision in this matter.

And now, I've got just over 15 minutes to shower, dress, eat brekkie, pack a lunch and get out the door. Go!

Happy Friday!


Carol said...

You missed a killer one tonight too...warm up was a 1 mile run, than we did tricep work, then we did weights on top of a hill, ran down and ran back up again to do more, over and over and over again. Then we finished with some killer ab work.
But it was worth it!
Feel better!