Sunday, August 23, 2009

fabulous weekend

and it's not even over yet!

Friday night C. & I went to see the Lion King. Oh. My. Freaking. God! I would go and see it again, it was so good! Hakuna Matata. Makes me want to go back to Africa.

Yesterday a gaggle of us loaded up our bikes and piled into trucks and headed west. We dropped two cars off in Banff, just past the Banff Springs Hotel where our trail was going to dump us out. Then we loaded all our gear and selves into one truck (it was tres cozy) and drove back to Canmore and into K-Country. 18.5K on our bikes, mostly downhill but with enough hills to make me realize just how important cross training is! I think I rock: I kept up to everyone even though (a) I had slicks (commuting tires) on my bike and they all had knobbies (mountain biking tires) and (b) I had no suspension whatsoever! Of course, every bone, muscle, joint, my body can feel the bumpy ride today, but that's nothing a few Advils can't take care of. =P

S. took some great photos, I'll post 'em later. Then we went for a quick beer and back to the city for dinner reservations at Laurier Lounge. Best. Fondue. EVER. So yummy!

And now I'm off for 13K in preparation for Melissa's. Probably a quick trip to the market after. A bientot!