Saturday, February 19, 2011


That's me.

I had a pretty good day skiing on Wednesday, but the visibility sucked. It snowed all day and you couldn't see anything above the tree line. I went up the Angel chair 'cause I heard the snow was pretty good up there. When you have no depth perception, you also have no speed perception! Before I knew it, I was almost hurtling down a black run I knew I didn't want to go down, but I could have sworn I was hardly moving. Verrrrry disconcerting!

But I had a blast in the trees! I wasn't brave enough to tackle the bumps on Standish without my friends, but I made it all day without a wipe out. I also didn't head over to Goat's Eye because the visibility was so bad, which made me kind of sad. I really wanted to play in the great powder!!

Worked Thursday. Boo. I wanted to be skiing (did I mention it snowed all day on Wednesday?!)!

Yesterday was one of those days!
1. Co-worker calls in sick. I cover their bench. No biggie, since we anticipated they'd be sick since they left early on Thursday.

2. Different co-worker has meltdown for seemingly no reason. Turns out she's completely misconstrued comments made about planning workflow (see #1, above) and seethes for an hour before melting down.

3. Ready for beer/wings/wine/nachos & cheese by 0830h.

4. Do work left from evening shift (again, no biggie, I had the time, but somewhat annoying, nonetheless).

5. Two co-workers call in sick for evening shift. I offer to stay late if I'm needed. Start testing early to help ease workload.

6. Discrepancy in previous results and current results. This is a BIG deal where I work. All kinds of conference calls get made by the big-wigs (not just my bosses, but their bosses and their bosses' bosses). I'm trained to do the investigative side of this kind of thing, so I'm now staying late to do that...

Anyhoo...yesterday was a long day! 0700-2040h. Did I mention that most of my work is standing? (well, it's either that or sitting at really ergonomically not good work stations--either way, it's not kind to your body). Yeah, physically, mentally and emotionally drained. And I got to go back this morning for more...

But today ROCKED! No big plans for tonight other than Corrie, yoga, knitting, and a soak in the tub. I haven't decided what to make for dinner though...I should get on that since lunch was awhile ago.

Tomorrow I'm going for a run then to work. And I'd love to sleep maybe till 7!

Happy weekend!