Thursday, February 24, 2011


Holy Mother of God, it's cold out there! It's -25C, which isn't *that* bad, until you add the frickin' wind chill. -35*C Damn you, Mother Nature! Just when I had found my running mojo again!

I took my gear to work last night to run the stairs on my break, but we (me and Sam, my co-worker/friend/stamper-slash-card-maker-extraordinaire) did some yoga instead! I did actually have to go down to the basement to get some reagents, so did one set of stairs. I thought I was going to die. And in the stairwell? What a way to go! Note to self: remember to take inhaler to work!

Tonight the gear is going back and I'm spending at least 20 minutes powering up and down those stairs. If I can't run outside, I can at least work on my endurance and hill training inside where it's warm!


Carol said...

Yes, you may all call me crazy, but I ran 10.25km in that cold last night, and down by the river to boot! Nothing like wind chill after it's blown over a frozen body of water!!! Would still take that over stairs inside...they make me queasy, not being able to see a horizon. But good on ya for doing something like that or the yoga.