Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Egad! Time Flies!

What's been going on in my world? Well, I worked 5 days last week (this is big for a 4 day/week girl) so that my co-worker could go to his BIL's wedding in India. It wasn't too bad--4 day shifts then an evening. My mom arrived on Thursday so there has been lots going on! For example:

-trips to Costco & Superstore to restock old Mother Hubbard's bare cupboards
-calling the police to remove sleeping homeless man from my parking spot on Friday night
-filing (and preparing income tax documents to send to the accountant)
-yoga (Friday morning, Saturday and Sunday afternoon)
-trips to the Farmer's Market where I ran into my third cousin (small world)
-Pizza in the 'hood with my grandma
-laundry (the bane of my existence)

Yesterday I hit the slopes with my yogi friend Carole, her hubby,Joe, and their friend, Bill. We left early and got to Sunshine in time to get rock star parking. They'd had 38cm in the past 3 days so we were itching to play in some powder! It was great skiing! My favourite run, Tin Can Alley, got the best of me (not quite an epic wipe out, but enough to get snow where it was slightly uncomfortable!) so I had to go back and show it who was boss. We headed down through the trees and played in some powder...wheeeee!

Then we were going to show the boys the li'l black diamond run Carole and I discovered the last time we were there, but it was cold and windy and the snow sucked at the top of the Angel chair. So we headed to Standish, where they proceeded to push me (in a good way) to where I'd never been before. Now, the last time we were there, I was proud of myself for attempting the blue runs (Big and Little Bunkers). Yesterday we did not only the blue runs, but they had me going down the moguls under the chairlift! It wasn't overly graceful, but I got down (without falling, I might add) and I turned (I know how to turn. I know how to turn. I know how to turn.) more than once!

After lunch we headed to Goat's Eye. I love the snow below the tree line! Up top though--icky--icy, hard, windy and not much fun. But below the tree line is another story altogether. My quivering quads declared they needed a break, so I sat a run out and then we went back for a final run on Standish before skiing out.

Best Valentine's Day EVER!! I'm going back tomorrow--'cause I can!