Saturday, December 11, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs!

That's what I woke up to yesterday! This is my third trip to Hawaii and I've never had a day like that before, so I guess I was due. And quite frankly, better Friday than Sunday race day!

I can see the finish line/area from my condo. Home is definitely within crawling distance at the end of the race!

I was to meet Michelle at the Expo and headed downstairs to see if I could hail a cab. No dice. But even with the rain it was still really nice out. Put a hat on my head and started walking....I found a cab about 3/4 mile later and within minutes was pulling up to the expo.

It seemed smaller this time...but the big banner is still out front (all the photos are on Michelle's camera) and the line ups went really quickly. We found the Running Skirts girls and I walked away with a new skirt, a skirt with tights and a really cool tank top. More photo ops, new hats for both of us and then over to the big mall.

There's no better way to spend a rainy day than shopping! Lulu, J. Crew, The Levi's Store, Banana Republic, Lucky Jeans.... my wallet is much lighter!

Anyway, the sun is finally shining (it was raining when I woke up) and I'm loving it! The forecast for tomorrow is good and I'm looking forward to it. The energy of over 20,000 runners is contagious!