Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fly-By Post

Whew! Where has December gone?! Oh right, I've been away for most of it. =)

Got home last Friday after a horrific day of travel: my airport shuttle didn't show up (had to take a cab $50 USD), my flight was delayed 3 hours, my bag was overweight ($75 USD later) I got an aisle seat (beside an old guy who got up a lot) and then, the last straw: my neck pillow had a hole! I did eventually make it home and swept out just as quickly to get my hair done (whacked more than a few inches off and covered up the sparkly bits) and then headed to physio.

Saturday, I went for a run! It felt great! That night I went with some friends to Loose Moose's "A Christmoose Carol". OMIGOD, I almost peed my pants! Loads of fun.

Sunday we headed to the mountains to our lovely home for the week, the Falconcrest Lodge. My bro picked well! Our suites were lovely.

Shopped in Banff on Monday, dinner at the Banff Springs.

Skied Lake Louise on Tuesday (icy, no snow and what was there was all man made) on my NEW SKIS! Let's just say I got a sweet deal: last year's demos, new bindings and tuned up and ready to go for what it would cost me to rent skis for the week. Stacy and I shared a lesson with Pete from New Zealand which was a good refresher. Fondue at the Grizzly House in Banff. Yum.

We headed to Sunshine on Wednesday and I was almost in tears before we started. The boots I was using (Stacy's old ones--she and my bro got new ones on Monday) were hurting my shins. I made it till just after lunch and then called it a day. Went back to town that night to buy boots that didn't hurt me. Dinner at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore.

Thursday: back to Sunshine for a fun filled day of skiing. I skied from 9 till 2:15 with no pain! But my quads were screaming at me, "You b&$#*h! We ran a marathon a week ago and now we're skiing?!" I listened to them. I had the most spectacular crash of anyone in the family and do you think my brother had his helmet cam on? NO. But it was great, really, it was! Dinner at the French Quarter in Canmore. Yum.

Friday: back to the city to see "A Christmas Carol". Dinner at the Keg, then back to family's hotel room for drinks, cards and dice.

Saturday: Santa arrived at Auntie's house! I made breakfast then we headed to Grandma's for dinner with the extended family. Back to family's hotel room for more drinks, games (Scrabble, anyone?) and The Big Bang Theory (there was a marathon on the comedy channel yesterday).

Today: Boxing Day shopping at 7. Drop of Stacy, grab my skis from their car, said a quick goodbye and then yoga at 9:30.