Friday, December 10, 2010


I LOVE Hawaii!!

I've been up far too long, though. Got up this morning, finished packing and waited for my plumber friend to come over and rescue the knife mom dropped in the bathroom sink. Pee-ewww! Apparently the sink was this close to being fully clogged.

High-tailed it to the airport and then sat and waited in typical airport style. I thought all the renos at YYC were done, but not at Gate B20. What a joke! And nary a Starbucks in sight (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Or water fountain. But I digress.

Had an hour and half between flights which I planned on having lunch during, but by the time I hit a bathroom, went through customs and security my flight to Honolulu was boarding! Which left me to purchase $13 of crappy airline food. My roast beef sammie became some beef, a slice of cheese and romaine lettuce sans bread. Then I had cheese and crackers.

Oh, and did I mention we were an hour late landing due to head winds? No? Well, we were. So I was Starvin' Marvin! Found the nearest restaurant which just so happens to be right (and I mean right) on the beach where I had the most delicious pina colada (when in Rome), veggies and shrimp and pasta in a wine sauce. YUM!

Veggin' out in my fabulous penthouse (with both a mountain and ocean view!) thinking I should hit the hay. Forecast for tomorrow is rain, but I intend to be at the Marathon Expo and/or the big mall all day!