Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Jan. 27: Went for a run, went to work

Jan. 28: Yoga, coffee with yoga friends, went to work, then Brewsters for a few (and hot wings and nachos) after work

Jan. 29: Slept in (see Jan. 28, above. I'm too old to stay out past 1 a.m.!), went to yoga, went to Farmer's Market, went bowling

Today (Jan. 30): SKIING! I went with a co-worker, her boyfriend, and my yogi friend, Carole. It was cold, but no wind (until you got to the very top). There was LOTS of snow which made the day fabulous. Because it was cold, the snow was kind of slow and sticky (you know it's bad when I say it's too slow. Yes, me, the one who needs to embrace speed more!). But I shredded slopes I've never done before and many of them were labeled with a black diamond instead of the safe, blue square. I only bit it once (unless you count the wipeout on the slippery bathroom floor, then it was twice) but the powder softens the landing. I found myself in the trees more than once (not always on purpose, either) but managed to swoosh my way down to the bottom. Skiing with these guys pushed me past my comfort zone and I liked it!!

I'm also now on Day 7 of my meditation challenge. I love it!!

Must go soak this tired body now and hit the hay. I have to work in the morning, then teach yoga tomorrow night.

Happy Weekend!