Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Ski or Not to Ski?

That is the question for tomorrow.

-It's currently snowing at Sunshine Village AND they've had 25 cm in the last 3 days!
-It's supposed to snow tomorrow, too.
-It's skiing!
-I have the $$ to pay for a lift ticket.
-I wouldn't have to drive (that's why God invented the Sunshine Coach)
-They make a tasty hot chocolate and peppermint Schnapps in the lodge by the fire...

-The wind chill is brutal out there and on the mountain, it's even worse.
-I'm physically tired--my yoga practice has been pretty intense for the past two weeks.
-I need to plan my class for Monday night.
-Did I mention it's cold out there?
-I haven't had a day where I did nothing since before I left on vacation (I think Dec. 6 was kind of laid back...)

I'm going to stay home and have a jammie day with Nerm. It's supposed to keep snowing all week, so I'll go next weekend instead! AND, I get more than a few days off, so I'll go more than once!


Carol said...

The Sunshine Schnapps and Hot Chocolate is the DEVIL!!!!! I think I drank about 100 gallons when I stayed there for a week's ski vacation...granted, it was almost 30 years ago now (GASP!) but I think those sips are still on my hips!
I think a jammie day is a brilliant idea...I'm still trying to decide if I'm getting up for an LSD tomorrow morning...windchill currently -25C...hmmm...jammie day...hmmmm.

Amber said...

Good plan. Jammie days are the BEST! :)

Lynn said...

Enjoy your jammie day! :)