Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Goals Revisited

1. Return to my goal weight. Hmm…not quite. But I did lose almost 9 inches! It’s not just about the scale. And I’m back to tracking what goes in my mouth. I know that’s what works for me.

2. I will run:
Around the Bay on March 28--DONE
Windemere Marathon (all 26.2 miles) on May 12—didn’t register (yoga training interfered)
the Underwear Affair on June 5—DONE (and $1355 raised, to boot!)
Melissa's on September 25--DONE
the Honolulu Marathon (December 12) again—DONE
I also threw in a trail race just for fun. 4 outta 5 is pretty good in my books!

3. I'll continue to embrace the clean eating and 100 mile diet lifestyles. Make my own meals. Buy local. Grow what I can. Less processed food. More veggies. Less meat. Absolutely! Although there may be some Synder’s of Hanover pretzel thingys in my pantry. Otherwise everything else in my house requires some sort of prep before you can eat it!

4. I will continue my education. No French classes, but I became a yoga teacher! I’ve also had the opportunity to study with advanced Anusara teacher, Noah Maze, and my teacher from Vancouver, Kate.

5. Travel. Let’s see. There was Hamilton, Banff, Canmore, and Honolulu. Not bad.

6. Yoga. Still not quite a daily habit, but definitely more frequently. My practice has flourished and I continue to grow, expand and lead with my heart on my mat each day I come to it. And I love how my practice has evolved this year!! I teach a restorative practice for in-patients of the Eating Disorders program at a hospital in the city. I'm a member of an amazing yoga family in this city. I cherish these relationships as I learn how to be a better teacher and student from each one.

7. I will also spend more time in the mountains. Yep, although there wasn’t much skiing after the x-country sprained thumb incident. Not much downhill either, except for right before Christmas. Or hiking. But I hung out and breathed fresh mountain air on more than one occasion!

8. 10 pushups & 30 crunches before bed. Yeah….totally forgot about this one!

9. I will host a Sunday dinner at least once every two months. Didn’t forget about it, but didn’t make it happen, either.

10. Live each day to the fullest. Embrace each day as though it's my last. Laugh out loud. Every day. Absolutely.


Amber said...

Nice work on your goals!!! You did great with yoga AND running this year :)