Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Reflections


I've had a great few days! Friday morning yoga was great--lots and lots of down dog. Coffee afterwards and I utilized incredible will power to walk past Cobs Bakery. Tea with my cousin followed and then I came home and finished knitting my scarf.

Saturday dawned bright and early (I woke at 4, not my choice). Carol and I headed down to the Kingsland Farmer's Market. I picked up some soups from Primal Grounds: creamy vegetable with blue cheese (AMAZING) and pumpkin chai (haven't tried it yet). I also bought some lovely goat's milk chai. I should've bought more. I grew up on goat's milk (and we had our own cute little goats, although I'm the only one who thinks/remembers them as cute) because I had nasty skin reactions whenever I drank cow's milk. I also bought some saskatoon syrup for my buttermilk pancakes (that I've yet to make). The last purchase was a bottle of mead (honey wine) from the place my yogi-friend Lisette works at. Lisette and I did our teacher training together and she brought some of the first batches of mead for us to try at our potlucks.

Brunch at Diner Deluxe followed (nary a veggie in sight, but oh, so tasty!). The hashbrowns were divine. And seriously, a hashbrown defines a breakfast place.

Yoga class focused on back bends. Danurasana (bow) was intense and beautiful! I loved it!

The late afternoon was spent with another yogi friend as we went to a baby shower for the baby we watched grow during our teacher training! We came home with goody bags of Greek meatballs and tzatziki. We love Trina's hubby! He's a good cooker.

Today was a pretty lazy morning, followed by a 2-hour kula practice at the yoga studio. It was intense (think timed down dogs, headstand and handstand...) although the poses were basics. 13 half moons (one per side x 2 sides x 13 full moons per year = 26 half moons). Egad!! Even with a good soak in the claw foot, I'm not sure I'll be able to walk well tomorrow.

Dinner is leftover sweet potato black bean burrito filling (I ran out of tortillas so I've made the rest into burgers. A big pot of cherry tea is brewed and on the to-do list for tonight is planning tomorrow's yoga class. I think I'll use the fact that's it's Martin Luther King day and go from there...

Hope you've had a great weekend!